Back from Coonabarabran StarFest and we reached 85000$

Hi all,

today we reached our second kickstarter target: 85’000 $. Four days before the end of this, thanks to you, very successful crowd founding scientific campaign. Even if this is an awesome target, we don’t stand and we push on to move on our next target: 100’000$, four days and 15’000$ to go, are we able to achieve our next goal? time will deal… in the meanwhile thank you to all! from the whole #TeamMopra!

In the picture – Inside the Mopra 22 m dish at Coonabarabran, during the open tour day at the StarFest. The people smiling near the gore-tex cover of the window (through which the radiation coming from space, and reflected by the subreflector, go to the detectors) a small part of the #TeamMopra: Catherine, Elida and Domenico with the “Deus-ex Mopra” Balth, which work is fundamental to keep the Mopra in the best observational conditions.