The survey of the Galactic Plane continues…

A new observation day begins here at Mopra radio telescope. Today the temperature is quite low, almost 8°C, and the wind seems to be quite low compared to yesterday (~ 40km/h). 19.9We are now observing the G273 region, a square degree region that spans 0.5° above and below the Galactic plane and from 273° to 274° along the Galactic plane (it is the square enclosed by the cyan square in the second magnification view in the graphics below). In particular we are doing the 3rd scan along the Galactic longitude (l). In fact, to complete a square degree survey (each G*** region) we do twenty scans, ten across the Galactic longitude and ten across the Galactic latitude (b) – it is like to divide the square degree region in ten vertical and ten horizontal stripes – so the 3rd scan in longitude means we are observing a very little stripe of sky delimited by the galactic coordinates 274° < l < 273° and -0.3° < b < -0.2° .

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Here a brief infographic about the overall current observing region G273