More than 710 explorers!!

A new observation day at MOPRA, looking to the G272 region with more than 710 explorers supporting the journey through the Galaxy. Many clouds at the Mopra site, above them […]

Time Bubbles at Nanten

Ever watch one of those science fiction movies where the protagonists get trapped in time bubbles, in which the flow of time moves at different rates?  Well sometimes observing at […]

Nanten2's Alive!

Life in the sub-millimetre is certainly tougher than in the millimetre bands that Mopra works in. The sky can be nearly opaque, the conditions you’re working in are tough (try […]

Last observing week (quiet sob)

When observing with Mopra gets all to much, the astronomers at UNSW retire to their Dept kitchen for quiet contemplation on life, the universe and everything.